eSchool is web based school management software system which helps schools automate their manual administration system and operate efficiently.

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One of its Kind in Ethiopia!

Easy to use

With its simple interface, eSchool is easily accessible by any users hardly having technical expertise.


eSchool is web-based and so can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is also mobile compatible making it easily accessible and consistent across web browsers and devices.

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eSchool is an efficient software developed carefully for maximum productivity of schools. Sensitive information is stored in a safe & secure manner.

All Necessary Tools For School Administration.

eSchool provides most of the tools required for school administration. However, Custom modules are developed for schools' having special need.

Staff / User Management

Announcement management

Messaging / Communication

Library Management

Scheduling & Info Management

Student & Parent Portal

Attendance Tracking

Class room evaluation

Discussion Forum

Assignment / Document Sharing

Highly Flexible.

eSchool is not only provided for schools but also Colleges. It has wide range of features along with dedicated modules for colleges which enable management of student Registration and Grade Reporting operations effectively.

SMS / Text Messaging

eSchool automatically alerts respective parents of students during repetitive absence and poor academic performance. Besides providing notification functionality, It enables Schools to send text message to their staff members, students and parents as necessary.

Our SMS service also comes with interactive admin panel & mobile app compatible with Android, Symbian and IOS making it very easier and flexible to manage Text Messaging operations.

Are you interested in having eSchool software implemented for your school or college? Or do you have any question or suggestion for us? We would love to hear from you.

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Very Affordable

Schools pay only for the service they use! We provide eSchool with Price per module mechanism making it very affordable and so it would benefit lot of schools.


We are committed to safe guarding data security and user privacy. We follow all the latest security protocols and keep updating them to ensure the safety of our clients data.

Customer support

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We provide documentation, training and continuous maintenance of the system.