Easy to use

With its simple interface, eAbugida is easily accessible by any users hardly having technical expertise.


eAbugida can be accessed both Online and Offline. It is also mobile compatible making it easily accessible and consistent across web browsers and devices.

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eAbugida is an efficient software developed carefully for maximum productivity of Students and Schools.


Our Mission is to increase access of Quality education and put relevant educational materials at the finger tips of students without limitation of space and time.


Online Courses

Multimedia Tutorials

Interactive Quiz

Discussion Forum

Resource Sharing

Educational Games

Having been enriched with academic materials such as lecture notes, video tutorials, interactive quiz and educational games; eAbugida can be installed on school computers and operate without need of internet connection.

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Very Affordable

Schools pay only for the service they use! We provide Price per module mechanism making our products very affordable and benefit large number of customers.


We are committed to safe guarding data security and user privacy. We follow all the latest security protocols and keep updating them to ensure the safety of our clients data.

Customer support

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We provide documentation, training and continuous maintenance of the system.